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  Challenged by Helen Keller in 1925 for Lions to be her Knights for the Blind, Burney Lions  offers three sight programs:
 1. Lions in Sight where club members collect used glasses for recycling world-wide to   those in need free of charge.
 2. Lions Eye Care utilizes community fundraisers and White Cane Day monies to augment   patient cost for examinations and eyeglasses to those in need of glasses but cannot
 afford them.
 3. And, as a member and through The Lions Eye Foundation we supply other than glasses
 to people to whom such needed service is not otherwise available such as macular
 degeneration and cataracts.
If you would like to contribute to these causes, You can send donations to:
    Burney Lions Club
    Lions Eye Fund
    P. O. Box 217
    Burney, Ca 96013